5 years ago, the harrowing civil war that split a 5,000 year civilization in half came to a close. Truly, the victory felt manufactured as if it were a holo-movie. And yet, the galaxy still breathed one collective sigh of relief. This was no more true than on Coruscant, now Imperial Center.

On VE-Day celebration flooded the streets. After centuries of corrupt Senate governance on the backs of most citizens, the wounded Emperor stood as a welcomed leader, ready and capable to bring back stability and peace to daily life. Under Senatorial dictat, most sector economies had crumbled beneath aristocratic greed. In one smooth maneuver, Palpatine wrenched Imperial authority from the Senate and their Jedi lap dogs and emerged victorious in the largest civil war within galactic memory.

5 years later, many wounds are only scars now, memories best forgotten. The surface of Imperial Center gleams brightly in the light of her sun; its sheen glistening off rank after rank of white shelled stormtroopers keeping peace on the planet's surface.

Beneath the veneer rest hundreds of disheveled layers of crumbling Coruscant underbelly left yet unordered by the Empire. Impoverished and seedy, these lower levels are home to the honest, villainous, and criminal alike. They have existed this way for centuries. And yet, as brightly as the new Empire shines above, the darkness of these forgotten places only grows deeper within its shadow…

The Game:

From Darkness is a game set in the Star Wars universe on the capital planet Coruscant (or Imperial Center as it's now known). The game will take West Marches approach to the setting of Star Wars. It will start with an introductory mission to catapult everyone into the setting; after that, players will decide what to do, where to go, and who to help or take down. You can read more in the wiki page, Campaign Format.

Star Wars: From Darkness

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